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The Sorrenti's

With Sorrenti's you have a multi-generational food story. Back in the 60's you have matriarch Shirley working as a banquet manager at the Royal Hotel downtown. (for new Calgarians the Royal was located roughly where the Scotia Tower is now.) This was followed in the 70's with positions as Food & Beverage manager of the Calgary Stampede and in the 80's as F & B manager at Heritage Park.

So son Jordan grew up in the food business and opened his own restaurant "Sorrenti's" in 1979. Not satisfied with just a restaurant, Jordan engaged in catering on the side. This "sideline" turned very popular and soon the restaurant endeavours were discontinued to focus solely on Sorrenti's Catering in the 90's.

Now it is 2017 and a new generation, Paddy Sorrenti is at the helm. Fresh ideas to go along with the fresh food. Watch us in the years to come, all this family food history will yield an exciting food experience!

Our Staff

We can truly say that we are good at what we do because of our people. From our Bakery Product Technician to our people crafting in our Sandwich Imaginarium Division everyone comes together in creating our food experience.

We really don't have an Imaginarium or Technicians but we do have a Paul, Shoana, Norma, Paige and Rajinder.

You'll most often meet our front-line people, the Delivery Devotees, the food on the go-go gal, the gourmet guy or just plain old Kim, Johann, Emily and Carly.